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Gym Skills


Gym Skills

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Gym Skills

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Gym Skills


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I have three daughters involved in gymnastics and I cannot be more thankful for the sport. Gymnastics has given my girls confidence within themselves, taught them to have trust in their coaches and provided a special bond with team mates. It has created a work ethic that the girls carry over to everyday life. I believe this work ethic will remain with them for life. Our family will be forever indebted to our coaches and club and of course the sport itself for what it has done for our children.


Performance Team

MAG & Trampoline & Tumbling

The team at Momentum Gymnastics are more than any parent could ask for. They are dedicated, welcoming, caring and talented. Not only do the coaches find ways to bring out the best skills in the gymnasts but care deeply about the kids as individuals. The classes are varied and engaging whilst pushing for great conditioning and performance. The competitions are full of love and encouragement along with striving for excellence. We are so happy to be a part of such a wonderful team.


Momentum Mini’s

Under 5’s

I highly recommend Momentum Gymnastics to anyone of any ability. The skills my son has learnt hasn’t just been limited to gym skills, it has taught him how to be more interactive and confident in himself around others. The teachers have been extremely supportive not only for my son but myself as well, we have both benefited from Momentum Gymnastics. For anyone who is considering the classes, I would say just give it a go, you will not be disappointed.